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April 10, 2020


Chip Kloss


anne marie

people suck. I don't miss them at all. but, like you, I do miss my job and some of my co-workers. (disclosure - I work for a small 6-person business, not retail. our customers order thru e-mail. and most of them are really nice).

please keep writing; your posts are quite entertaining.


Missed you and was frankly concerned that you had been AWOL for so long. I worked in customer service on and off for many years and can appreciate everything you said.

Amber C

Ugh. PREACH!!!!


Having never worked in customer service, I really appreciate your view and it causes me to be fully aware of how I come across. Thank you!


I think everyone should have to work in customer service. I personally worked fast food and front/back of house in a restaurant. The things that people pull in restaurants is beyond me. Customers still seated two hours after the restaurant closed and still not getting the message when the manager turned up the lights. I've seen it all.

I enjoy your posts. I hope you'll keep writing them.

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