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May 16, 2019



New post please!!! Hope all's well-

Stuart Haley

I hate it when this happens. I once with a woman from a carnie family. She was in IT, and Wendy was fun. She was also a back biter. So she was terminated. Fast forward about six months and we are at the company Gala, Lou Rawls is on stage and the employees are in the upper balcony, because the clients get the primo seats. Well in waltzes Wendy as "Devin" (yes, that's her real name) another PITA co-worker with a chip one her shoulder. But Wendy is wearing a chain mail dress and nothing under the chainmail but a T-Bar, which in that town is legal. She is drunk and has a scene. We, the employees were mortified. But security for the convention center got her before our management could act. And that Monday, Devin was terminated. It comes out in the wash.

anne marie

howard and his sluts need to be banned from your restaurant permanently!


Nice tip, shame about the puke at the end!

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