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March 01, 2019



Know him well. Worked for him. Says things like "Well, I drive a Porsche because it suits me..." and "I really didn't need to go to the Maldives, but..." He comes in late, leaves early, except when he thinks you should work longer than 11 hour days. He thinks for 15% you should be at his at his side for every whim, ever fancy. He orders an scotch by brand, you serve him the scotch he orders, he takes a sip and calls you over becuase the bartender "got it wrong". No, the batender didn't get it wrong, but customer wants others to see what a descerning pallet he has. You return the glass and dump it - becuase you would never consider sharing a glass wth an asshole - the bartender pours from the well, you serve it and creep sips and drinks it like ambrosia. And its name is Jason, Jared, Jay...

anne marie in philly

there are so many people out there like chad...most of them MAGAts (pronounced maggots)!


"Sometimes my head is just empty and there are not thoughts going through it at all, like right now."

Lol! My favorite among many favorite lines!


I am certain I know Chad from somewhere! Very funny, as always


This was very American Psycho, I LOVED it


Gawwwwhd! Folks (too kind a term?) like them have no soul. How can you stand living there? I mean, there's jerks everywhere, but Hollyweird seems to have a higher concentration of these assholes, right? Ugh.


Oh my God I LOVE these! “You’re welcome.” Lololo

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