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January 04, 2019


anne marie

@JJ - you don't have to read this blog; get a life, moron!


shut up all you do is complain, get a different job if you hat it so much


Good resolution, I did it before the end of last year. Took a bit of a pay cut but good God is it nice to not have to wait on another fuck face entitled human being EVER FUCKING AGAINNN!

Leanne Tang

Happy New Year Bitter Waiter...Chase...Best Wiater Ever! May 2019 bring you paid for but not drunk drinks from shitty tippers, free Uber rides, and holidays in your pool rather than in the weeds!

anne marie in philly

12/31/19 - you have other plans and will be outta town that night. the boss can go fuck himself.


So hideous but it’s over now. Looking forward to reading more of your amazing blog posts


This sucky night must have made all those in the past seem So. Much. Better. Hahahah! Also,...Sigma Alpha Go F....hilarious! I always think of you whenever I go out to eat.

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