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December 04, 2018


anne marie

oh lard, sorry you had to wait on this douchecanoe! asswipe needs to STFU!


Let's face it we ALL know a McKenzzy.


I am that girl who always says “Do you know what I mean” and we totally deserve to be made fun of.


I SCREAMED at the name Breckinridge. That’s brilliant. Cheers.


Seriously, Chase...this is brilliant. You've outdone yourself with this one. I FUCKING LOVE IT!! And YOU.

Kirsten J

"Let's see, what do I want for lunch? I think I'll order the grilled teriyaki skirt steak and modify it until it's a side salad."

I spit out my water. I spit it far and wide. This was hilarious.


I think I have met this woman!


Oh this is a hall of famer right here. Bravo sir.

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