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November 02, 2018



DAXTON's one of my new favourite words!!

THANKS, BW!! <3 <3 <3


I am grateful for not being open on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years day and closing early for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

anne marie in philly

those who tell you to "lighten up" have never waited tables. they should STFU!

Leanne Tang

Only complaint: you left out Moscato. But that's ok, more for me!

Also, as my grandma, who waitressed for a whole three hours once upon a time, says, "that's a tough job, you don't need to make it tougher, you little shit" to my dipshit cousin who liked to brag about being an awful guest/table. She took everyone else out to dinner, but never him.


I am loving the weekly


I normally don't find substance abuse funny, but the way you describe your flagrant boozing always always always makes me laugh out loud!!

Bitter Waiter

And I you!


I love you.

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