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September 25, 2018



I agree with Robert without the post ever!!! Fucking spicy...I love it, and you!!

anne marie in philly

bitchcunt needs to go back to OC and stay there!

Stephen Toms

“(Fingers fucking crossed)” I died lol. Seriously fuck Yelp I hate it -_-


I once had a Customer torgue off on me and threaten to name me in a Yelp review when I worked at Barnes and Noble because her item was outside of the ten return period. She went absolutly batshit insane, she started screaming, shrieking, trying to get the line behind her in on it. Nevermind she was 672 DAYS beyond the return period stated on her receipt. And what did she threaten? YELP. Like she was going to ruin my day. "Why bless your heart."


I love your posts! Wish they were more frequent. :)


You were on fire with this one!


Yeesh.You handled yourself a lot better than I ever could have with a twat-hammer like that.

Rober (Robert without the T)

This is probably the best post ever. Oh my god that was too funny.


High fucking five to the customer who told Alllysinn to go away!
I was once described as "surly" on a yelp review and I say that with pride.
Yelp blows

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