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October 01, 2018



I could have used one of those gin tonics today boy! FML This woman comes in and sits her wide ass in my section for FOUR HOURS. During which time I learned that her parents emotionally abuse her, that shes going to draw a picture of me as a mer-man, and that shes in the middle of one of her “episodes” because she’s bipolar-schizophrenic and shes about to hysterical start crying. Not to mention she snort-laughed after every sentence that came out of her mouth. Why do complete strangers presume that servers are just waiting around in restaurants to listen to everyone’s sob stories and give free advice? WE ARE NOT PSYCHIATRISTS!

Leanne Tang

God I love your stories. People awful, and I don't feel bad at all laughing at them here!

Adam Berk

Always kills me how people go to upscale restaurants when they're in a hurry. Yeah, I want to pay twice as much for the food I don't taste as I shovel it into my face. And don't get we started on well done steaks!


Hysterical 😜


Another gem from the blingiest jewel on the hinter-net!

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