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June 29, 2018


Stuart Haley

F... MITCH! What a total douche bag. We always tip 20%. In fact, in Chicago at a restaurant that we love to visit when we visit the sister in law, our server was going through serious, serious issues. She was kind, she was genuine, but you know when you ar with someone and you can tell that there is something going on in their lives that prompts to behave contrary to their behavior? Well, she takes our order and we waited forever and out comes the food and she ordered the wrong items. She had too many bigger parties and she made an error. SHE called the manager over and the guy tried to comp the meal, but we felt bad for the server. I think the manager understood that we were genuinely concerned for the server. The right order came through and we left the server 30%. She was kind, overworked and obviously embarrassed. Sometimes, you have to step up, especially when you know where they have been.

anne marie in philly

what a flaming asswipe!


What an idiot!

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