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March 15, 2018


Holly viola

This blog has made me laugh so hard. Thank you for 10 years, and make a goddamn book about it already! You'll be be rich, bitch!
And ill take 1% for the suuggestion

Travis hodges

Love you the way you are. Don't change ever


I spent 16 years waiting tables and tending bar, moving on from that business in 1993. I still have waiter dreams/nightmares occasionally. I was recently on a golf trip with a couple of friends and a couple of others I didn't know well. One of them asked me if I really tipped 20% or more. When I said yes, he said "Why would you do that?". I explained and he said that I was crazy to do that and that people who wait tables are uneducated. I lost it and made a bit of scene in the golf course restaurant. After he stomped off, all the staff came over one at a time and thanked me, also telling me they all had college degrees. Love your blog, been reading it for years.


This is the only blog I bother to read...I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love reading these stories, not because the idiots they feature are so laughable, but because it gives me the chance to root for you and the rest of the people out there that DO make life worth living. You're bitter, but you're doing good by it!

Love you!


I heart you Chase:) Thanks for all the laughs. Christine

Steve Kenny

Maximum respect on every level all the way from the UK. Long may your writings continue.


...I was always curious what waiters and waitresses think of the patrons. My suspicion is confirmed!

Love reading your post :)


Congrats on 10 years!! When I had found your blog, I could not stop reading it and I have read every single post! I never worked in a restaurant so I didn't know why I loved reading these restaurant stories until you wrote above: "what I'm saying is that every one of you should start a blog titled "Bitter ______").

That is when I realized why I am addicted to your blog, you are writing about the SAME customers that I deal with on the phone all day at my office job. These are the same idiots who have made me bitter as well. Thanks for providing such an incredibly entertaining blog!

Jessica Tucker

Your blog should gift you a diamond anniversary infinity band...


Happy happy anniversary. I have soooo enjoy your bitterness, almost as much as my own (former) server job-generated ball of bitterness.

You really and truly rock.

anne marie in philly

I have only recently discovered you via a friend's blog.
work sucks, but it especially sucks when you HAVE to interact with today's village idiots/obnoxious asswipes/entitled brats.
keep your kid's cup filled with vodka, and here's to more witty posts!


Happy anniversary! While I’ve never waited tables I’ve learned everything I need to know from you.

Bitter Waiter

@Mr Grey Goose - I promise, I promise. But it's really disgusting and exceptionally unflattering.

Bitter Waiter

@Sophie - I re-read a few of them while writing this post. Yikes. I wasn't always politically correct, and sometimes I was a little too harsh. But hey, it was never called "Angelic Waiter," right?


I love your blog and have only recently discovered it. Delighted that I can now go back for 10 years' past posts!

Mr Grey Goose

Chicken story, please!

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