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September 08, 2017


anne marie

JFC! but what a tip!


Good for you.

I hated getting people like this at my tables. I had one couple who mistook me for their child, who apparently was treated like an envoy. "Would you tell Marvin that I think he has had enough to drink?" I looked at Marvin who said "Will you tell Missy that she needs to get off my ass and mind her own problems?" I looked at the woman, fearful that her name wasn't Missy, but she followed with the volley of her own. I excused myself and I told my manager to get them out of the restaurant because they were going to come to blows - at the very least, a scene. It was an upscale place, but the manager didn't attend to the matter and there was scene. An ugly one. People asked to be moved, others left and I told the manager "I warned you." Total tab? Two bullshots, and flan. And a dollar tip.

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