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June 02, 2017



Just wanted to tell you i really enjoy reading your posts, and wish they were more frequent. But you deserve time away from your job, and maybe writing about it is a horrible way of reliving it. LOL Carry on and stay strong!


Hand on the hip...
Love it.


I fucking hate birthdays!
I work the lunch shift in a restaurant where the owner is afraid to raise the prices. You can get several sandwiches for $8 each. Or a bowl of soup for $5. Dessert, however, is $5.75. I was giving away desserts for birthdays for years, but no more. After people coming in for two sandwiches or two bowls of soup, free bread and water, and then announcing it was their birthday and expecting a free $5.75 dessert and then tipping me $3, I have had enough. Go fuck yourselves. You are a grown up, not a 5 year old. You did nothing but show up on this earth. And I think that it is really sad that the best thing that you can come up with to celebrate your day is to hang out with your cheap friend and eat soup and drink water. Happy Birthday to you, sad sack.


I worked with a recent grad who joined the workforce and was shocked and I mean SHOCKED to learn that you are expected to work on your birthday! Probably the same type of person who thinks tea is free on your bday too. Too bad you didn't catch them! I hope they are stupid enough to come sit in your section again.


Oh god, poor you! Rotten little brats.

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