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October 05, 2016


Rachel H

Oh are my spirit animal!!!!
Our brains seems to think the exact same things about useless, waste of space, oxygen thieves who insist on encroaching into our lives with incessantly inane questions, ridiculous comments and assholish actions. My inner monologue is as salty and sarcastic as yours and my filter has become increasingly looser with age (earlier 40's). Maybe that's why I have a high turnover rate with assistants...oh well, I truly have no tolerance for ignorance and especially not for stupidity!! My wit's as acerbic and jaded as yours is. If only I were a gay man instead of a straight woman we'd be the perfect couple!! I'll just have to settle for you being my spirit animal and turn to your blog for fodder for for my self pep talks and solo rants to my dog (who's blissfully unaware, sleeping away on the couch) as I navigate through the unnerving plane of existence I find myself on when the freaks, dolts and jackasses crawl out of their lairs from somewhere beneath the bowels of hell.


Ahhh!! How could people be so catatonic?! And what sort of couple splits a supper while on vacation???

I don't envy your brush with their stupidity, but I do envy their brush with you. Miss you so!


I just got out of the hospital today and it hurts to laugh damnit!!! It was worth it though:) I'm glad to see you posting again. C

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