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October 26, 2015


Bitter Waiter

Oh, LaTonya, how I loved visiting and laughing with you in that basement! I do recall Vin's temper tantrum, and his manager taking offense to us not letting them give themselves a tour.


They kept me locked in the basement but I recall Jessica would never bring her membership card and you ALWAYS asked for her name when she checked in. #classic
Let's also give an honorable mention to Vin "Don't You Know Who I Am" Diesel who wasnt even a member and demanded entry.

Jet environment, new stories, but the same seething sarcasm. I simply LOVE getting to read three fabulous entries after starving for months. I feel your pain, BW...but I LOVE your wit!!!


Gawd, 10% is so bullshit!
When I have really awful people I try to picture them naked in bed with each other. It's how I keep a smile on my face throughout their meal. I think my strategy might work for this couple. She has to sleep with this geezer! Naked, and coming for her. I hope this helps.


I love the Jessica Simpson stories!!!

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