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August 10, 2014



I've been addicted to your blog for days now!! It's like a book I can't stand to put down! You are such a talented writer. Since I started reading your blog I've been out to a restaurant one time. I really thought twice about my interaction with the waiter. Not that I'm ever rude to waiters. I just wondered about so many of the things you point out about people.

Chandra L.

I love reading your blog. You are so funny,LMAO.Do you really drink on the job? I've been a waitress for 25 years and though I usually like my job there have been times I wish I could tell people about themselves


Oh my. I remember all the self- important blowhards and hangers on
from my good ol, bad ol days as a server! I love your blog. Do you take
guest submissions ? I wish you posted more, nobody makes me
snort Pinot out of my nose like you do, but I guess somebody has to
fucking work! Long time reader .


Oh, my god. That's one thing I have honestly NEVER considered regarding restaurant work. I...think I would have quit on the spot. No way could I have cleaned up drunken-whore-vomit.

Pea Green

Bleargh. Isn't there a law against his type? Damned well should be. So sorry you had to clean puke up :(

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