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April 27, 2014



I am confused. I worked in a Mom and Pop, down home Mex restaurant and never saw a nut in the place. None. We didn't even have them on our desserts - which ran towards flan, churros and fried ice cream [so Mexican, I know. sigh]

But the kicker was the filtered water. If you want hot water, filtered in your kids' sippy cup, bring it yourself and I'll heat it. Otherwise. We don't carry it. EW.

It's no wonder your kid is a screaming meemie. She learned at your "snappy" fingers. She just doesn't the art of condesention down yet, so she improvised by throwing a fit OVER NOTHING.


Ditto "YAY YOU'RE BACK! :D" I don't know you, live cross country, but I love your stories/writing!


It's not that I wish these situations upon you, my dear friend; I do so wish polite and well-tipping patrons to grace your section with benevolent regularity. But...oh, how I have checked your blog so often of late, positively praying for some new biting bit of aired annoyance to savour. I have missed you so, dear BW!

By the way...I fully expected you to refuse to fill "the sippy".


Why do people feel they can treat others that way? It never ceases to amaze me, and I saw IT ALL when I waited tables.



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