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January 19, 2014


Adam B

On the other hand, I've discovered that Yelp reviewing the restaurant I work at and mentioning myself by name can help get some good shifts/day-off requests from gullible managers...


Gawddammit I hate people and my condolences to all servers in these days of managers asskissing these customers for a $.In my short but eventfull career in serving that Dunkin Donuts snatch wouldve been picking her teeth out of my fist before I knew what I was doing.Why do businesses put up with this shit?and those men customers just stood there?Big hugs to all you servers and this ex server is always kind to waiters even the bitchy ones cause Ive been there.


I do not miss waiting tables AT ALL. Sounds like a perfect way to end the day. Enjoy!


I wouldn't worry (though I know you're not). Soon Shirley will be busted for the meth lab she's running out of her nursery, and you'll continue to slip around in bubble-bath and sip contentedly on your martinis.

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