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July 26, 2013



I'm reading back through the blog, great stuff, but I couldn't contain myself. Holly, I'm hoping that's satire, because 10% on 1/2 a bill twice is still 10%, not 20%.


Hey you got 20% ! maybe they aren't a total lost cause


A bib for his torn wife beater. Hahahahahaha!!!


BBQ sauce? Nasty!


Stunning that Roddy has--and obviously not for want of experience--learned to ASK for a bib from the get-go. (I can only imagine what this chap must have been like to wait upon before he finally concluded that such neck-wear was necessary.) But my question now what point will he finally learn to tell Shanda to ALSO PACK A BIB WITH THE SAUCES (in what I envision to be her massive hand-bag, so huge and pouchy that it looks like an entire, and poorly bronzed, hog-skin)?


Nailed it buddy!!!


bbq sauce at a mex restaurant? barf!!


Ha! For an entry so short (er, concise), you have SO many one-liners in this one!!! My fave? "I recently waited on Roddy and Shanda, two trashy, socially inept bumpkins who were likely more accustomed to chasing their dinner around a tree as opposed to ordering it pre-killed at a restaurant."

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