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June 24, 2013



Everything you say has gone through my mind at one point. I think we might be twins seperated at birth.

Jessica Cook

Feel free to post again! I love this blog!

Steve DiGioia

It's always an issue when an ex-employee comes back to dink or drink at his former restaurant. If the employee was terminated for cause he tries to show-off as the post mentions. Or if he left on good terms your fellow staff think it's ok to spend half their shift talking to him tableside.

Then when you tell your existing staff to stop talking to him and get back to your other tables/customers, they get upset. It's never a great outcome.

Bitter Waiter

Hi Connie. Rest assured the "retarded" comment is meant solely to poke fun at how offensive and close-minded my co-worker is & is not a word I would use under any other circumstance.


welcome back!! Missed reading your blog. One thing I was shocked to see.. Your short sentence. " ha ha, that's retarted" .. What's up with that? Especially coming from ou.


Oh how I have missed you!! Welcome back dear heart:)


Happy to see you're back! And as biting and ascerbic as ever (though I hope you're vacay was relaxing :)


welcome back! missed you, bro.


I've missed you.

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