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April 01, 2013



Thank you for sharing this. I just found it this afternoon. It is nauseating.
It makes you want to stand on the roof and just yell, "WHY??????" at the top of your lungs.
We haven't been to Applebees in ten years... we just never enjoyed the place at all.
As for this DOMA person's comment... "Go sit on a tack. Imbecile."


Well, shit. Now I have even more reason to not eat at Applebee's, besides the shitty food. My mom inexplicably loves Applebee's, so I have taken her in the past when she comes to visit me, but I will make sure that she's aware of just how shitty that joint is. I've been wanting to broaden her palate, anyway.


I refuse to eat at Applebee's. I'd rather eat off at catering truck then eat at crapplebees.

Jay Loftus

I guess spending too much time in front of a microwave not only makes you stupid, be apparently a bigot too.


Deplorable. To add fuel to the fire the one I work at has reduced everyone to part time to avoid paying health care. Obviously no concern for their employees well being.


Ugh. I used to work for Applebees and leaving was the best decision I ever made. I worked at 2 different locations and yet I constantly had at least one manager making me miserable. This just solidifies that. Good riddance.


Wow. I am stunned. Yet another reason why I won't return to Applebee's. The way they treat their employees is deplorable.

Bitter Waiter

DOMA I will let your comment remain only as a reminder that ignorance and hate are alive and well all over, and that we should never be lazy in fighting back and standing up for the rights of others, others who don't deserve your moronic comments, and others whose happiness in no way, shape or form infringes on your own. Consider your I.P. blocked from any subsequent comments.


I love that the article actually gives the bigots' home address so we know exactly where to send the hate mail and bags of human excrement.


dude was probably being an obnoxious squirrel and hitting on a guy who didn't want it.

Samantha Dugan

Guy has my support. The only thing I find more offensive than the food at Applebees are the people that eat at Applebees so I won't be going, like ever.


I dont eat at Applebees anyway. The one near me has terrible food, terrible service, and is never, and i mean never, clean.

Also, they need to learn to stick by their employees, and not just when it is good PR. I dont understand why sexuality is such a big deal in the workforce. If it doesnt affect their job performance, who cares? I dont see how gay marriage has any more (or any less) drama or emotional baggage, and i am sure they never once decided to fire a heterosexual employee because they were married. I am also sure that, had the customer been making a racial or sexist slur/remark, the company would have stepped right in to let the customer know that their language was not tolerated. So why is homophobia still ok?

But on a side note, why is this not being charged as a hate crime?


I will never understand what is wrong with some people. Why should someone's preferences in the bedroom affect you? It's none of your damned business, let it stay that way.


Who eats at fucking APPLEBEE'S, anyway? Fat white trash, that's who. The food is "made" off site at a factory and MICROWAVED "to order" -- chain restaurants all suck. That aside, the company's actions are inexcusable and utterly crass.


Disgusting. And so is their food.

Randy Hammer

I will not eat at applebees again.


I just don't get the hate. Who cares what people do in their bedroom? I'm sorry this BS still happens! I will never eat at Applebee's again.

Donna W

You don't have to worry about me going to Applebees anyhow. Their food sucks.

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