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March 29, 2013



Sometimes a person just needs to have their attitude adjusted. I'm a realist, too. I call it as I see it but I've realized that I could be bringing down other people who have to listen to my musings. I decided that I'd rather help people feel better than to be someone who brings them down or impedes their ability to do the best job they can.
The important thing is that you'll be a better person for your introspection, that's what matters most. Oh, I'm still tipping more than I did before I read your blog, so you've helped me to pay it forward, too.


Welcome back!


Ah! This definitely means that we'll have a blog entry by Thursday (if not sooner). Can't wait!

Heidi Barr

Thanks for the new entry. I can't believe they suspended you for two whole weeks! Boo!


even on vacation you make us laugh!!!


So pretty!! Where are you???

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