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January 08, 2013



Oh Glen, if only you knew how much joy this blog brings to those of us who also have to serve the public. My friends and I often wish that it was compulsory (like army training in some countries is) for people to work in hospitality for at least some amount of time. Maybe then they'd be more considerate customers.


Sounds like Glen truly believes the lies he tells himself (and his cats) as the sad guy who delivers mail in his office and always brings doughnuts hoping, one day his co-workers will invite him out for happy hour..."I know they seem mean and uncaring but I can tell they are only hiding behind that as a shield and they really love me and think I'm super cool".

Amy Lynn

@Ann Omynous: No, my problem with my job is not people who are in denial about a loved one's condition. I get that and I will be their ear to vent to, if they want to talk things out.

My problem are the people who deny their "loved one's" of any pain medication, make them lay in wet, urine soaked bedding all day, and close to starve them, because that patient "could get up and take care of themselves if they wanted to." Patients that scream out in pain because of their illnesses are heart breaking. Families that want me to get their lawn mowed for them when there are 5 adults in the house, none of them work, and there's a working lawn mower...I don't think so.

Ann Omynous

@amylynn: yes, people whose people are dying are going to want the moon, the sun, and the stars. You DO deserve to vent, but you may want to take more care in the way and/or the venues you choose to do so. I believe your employer offers assistance in dealing with these situations.

Ann Omynous

@ AmyLynn: Holy F*%@!!! Hospice = a dying person with family and friends trying to accept that death. Perhaps you are in the wrong career.

Ann Omynous

And to top it all off, I despise that I responded to this post at all.

Ann Omynous

I am desperate when I write: If you cannot compose a sentence; if your grammar is so limited that you cannot differentiate between their, there, and they're; if you have no concept of parallel structure; then any opinion you attempt to express is, in most educated minds, null and void.


hello run on sentence. what a turd. "glenn" can go eat out his mom.

Amy Lynn

You know, I haven't worked at a restaurant since I was in college, and only then at a Wendy's. I never got stiffed on tips, but I know that everyone has bad days at work (except for maybe Glenn, obviously) and that people suck.

I work for a hospice and I'm completely the fuck over the people I deal with for work. People become users, in a lot of our cases, and the families want everything for free and don't want to do a damn thing for themselves. So I won't fault anyone for starting a blog to vent about the shit they have to deal with at their work.

Glenn needs to just not read this blog if he doesn't like how you talk about your customers.


Glenn, the examples Bitter Waiter gave of customers behaving badly is not an uncommon occurence when one is in the service industry. It's sad but true. I've seen it happen many times to wait staff who don't deserve it.


Enlightening. Thank you, Glen.

P.S. from Glenn

Or maybe you're just a dick.


I think Glenn should stick to his day job of trying to write greeting cards for the Christian bookstore in his compound. I wish this blog was around when I worked in the service industry.

Rogue Wino

Trying to sift through Glenn's bad grammar made my brain hurt. "Maybe that annoying feeling of not completing the English language is actually the sum of not using it 100% rightly; maybe"


Wise words from someone who likely never waited tables in her (or his?) life.


Uhm Glenn have you read the blog? Do you think readers return because we want to be inspired? No. We want to vent about judgment jerks like you!!!

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