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September 07, 2012


Aleta Mosley

Errors are but normal in the society where imperfections surround. We should have the long stretch of patience with this kind of people. We should not blame them for whatever they commit, instead, we should help them to cope up with us.


Sigh. I know the feeling. Especially as the holidays approach- I will soon be treated to all kind of interesting versions of Italian words from midwestern visitors, Knocki or gunokie (gnocci) being the most common. I want to repeat their order back to confirm, but end up biting my lip. If they seem like jerks, I'll go right ahead and correct them.


I'd imagine it's the squirrels who make it difficult for you to eat, what with their ability to avoid your dinner traps made out of string, sticks and rocks.

I adore your evil wit.


yeah VR anyone who makes other people feel bad about who they are doesn't deserve to have things explained in a nice, polite manner. i think it's funny that bitter waiter acted even more fay than cowering once he learned they were a couple of dumb homophobes.


I love the way you describe your patrons! Carry on!! :)

Bitter Waiter

VR - I can understand your empathy, I truly can. But once I've heard someone say "faggot" and "nigger," I have no trouble humiliating them for their ignorance. That said, my tone was more of clarification with just a scooch of judgment.


I usually find your posts hysterical, but this one made me feel badly for the guys. I have a ton of trouble with pronunciation, and when people correct me, it just makes me never want to utter the word again (or do the pointing thing on the menu to indicate my order, when then makes me feel like an asshole for being an American without language skills).

Although it does perhaps sound like you were partly just confirming, which if done well, helps me learn to say the words right without making me panic the second I consider opening my mouth.

Rant on :)


I cry for our society. This is sad, pathetic, and so unfortunate. Why can't we set up a "border patrol" between blue and red states?

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