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September 14, 2012



THIS is why I believe the woman and her daughter her came in to eat free chips and salsa without ordering anything else.

I believe, from this day forward, that all posts, by any server, restaurant worker, anywhere is true.

THIS is the grossest thing I have ever seen. And if had been the server I would've kicked them out. Even if it got me fired. And if I was a patron I would have said something, loudly, to the mother about how inappropriate and gross this is. I don't usually say anything to any other mothers about parenting because kids don't come with a manual, and they're all different, [God k nows I am far from perfect] but I AM SORRY, if you kid isn't old enough to be taken to the restaurant's bathroom while potty training that is the last place they belong.

That has to be illegal just for sanitary reasons alone.


even dogs know not to shit where they eat!


Yea, it's also not unusual to find bugs in Applebee's food either...just sayin'.


While I was a waitress at Applebee's, it was not unusual for us to find a soiled diaper or used tampon in a booth...


im not surprised. i have many many families that come into the "family" restaurant where i am a server and they act like its their own home/kitchen. they let their brats throw cheerios and what ever other brat food they feel they have the right to bring in, all over the floor, even throwing it at other customers at neighbouring tables who politely pretend that its cute. we provide crayons and colouring paper which get torn into pieces and stewn all over a massive radius around their table. its so discusting after they leave it looks like a bomb went off and im really sick of crawling around on the dirty floor cleaning it up for their shitty 10 percent tip. i forgot to mention the dirty napkins and chunks of food all over the floor from the parents at the table. discusting pigs


I believe that, in the film "Idiocracy", sitting on toilet-chairs while eating and watching tv had become standard behavioural fare for the future generations. Apparently, the screenwriter's dystopian vision is proving to be neither nearly as humourous, nor as myopic, as one might have otherwise hoped.


how embarrassing for those children. pictures on the internet never die and unfortunatly one of these girls may see this picture one day


Wow! So unbelievably inappropriate & incredibly rude!!!
What F**k?!?!?!!!!


That's disgusting. There has to be some sort of health code violation there.

Karen Smith

Ewwwww.... and then get out and NEVER come back! Mom or the twins! Ewww


Stay tuned for TLC's new show 'Honey Po Po'.




I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. Nothing is more bizarre than the truth.


Wow, I mean, I get it. As a Mom sometimes you can't help but breast feed in public. But this. Wow. I mean. I can't. It's like. She did what???

fart bomb

I expect toilet seat restaurants to be the hot new trend. In 15 years, they will be standard fair. You know, 2 birds, 1 stone.


::shakes head::

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