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September 10, 2012



That's absolutely unacceptable!!! They should've kicked that guy out immediately and made sure your friend knew they not only won't tolerate that behavior in their establishment but they don't agree with it and ask your friend to accept their apologies.

Another reason to boycott them. A friend and I used to do brunch there fairly often. He paid on his card and I tipped (generously in cash)...I've been a server for years so I know how to tip well.

And I'm not sure why my friend was looking through his bank records but he called me to tell me that our waiter (same guy every Sunday brunch) had been pocketing my cash and also writing in a handsome tip for himself courtesy of my friend. Apparently he noticed one descrepency so he checked all the charges and was livid. I am still floored, knowing that I would never do something like that to a patron of a restaurant I work at just based on ethics, however, nothing even happened to that guy. Last time I was walking by there with my dogs I saw him serving drinks from behind the bar.

The owner needs to get a spine and stop tolerating bigots & thieves.


UNBELIEVABLE!! I too have been in the service industry for many many years. Just the other night there was a middle aged white lady sitting at one of the black jack tables who said, "you're nothin but a n*****!" to a gentleman sitting next to her who didn't play the game like she thought he should. We not only kicked her ass out, but banned her for life!!!


@Liz - Thanks for that translation, I used it in my polite email. ;)


I put up a nastygram on yelp, but... I didn't see it show up. But I tried, because I read your blog and I love it and fuck those guys.


Looks like they have their own support team posting 5 star reviews about how great and accepting they are. Lame.


Just a funny observation, La Poubelle actually means garbage can in French (seriously!).


I made my mark! I'm very glad, BW, to see you once again (justifiably) writing indignant, outraged letters to cads and bums. You're a rare soul!


Here's another forum to "connect" with if anyone is interested.,0,5830751.customform


I was happy to point out in my Yelp comment that they're following up their cowardice in the initial incident with more cowardice in refusing to acknowledge their error.


A friend of mine was recently fired from said restaurant for pointing out unlawful practices. I hope they are forced to shut their doors soon.

Jamil Damji

Chase, thank you for this Call to Action! It means so much that there are people out there who give a damn! I wrote a review on Yelp, as I was also there and witnessed it. Thank you Nikki for the tip. Best to all of you!!

Naughty Waitress

I. am. LIVID!

I will be yelping, e-mailing, tweeting and Facebooking this! Thank you for taking a stand!!


you might have more success being vocal on social media where they can't ignore their yelp or facebook page


This makes me so, so, so sad :(

I'll e-mail them, and I'm so glad you've asked people to remain polite. They won't listen to us if we're flying off the handle.

Monica S.

I was once asked to leave a restaurant in Arkansas because I am a lesbian and was taunted by a rednecks. I am happy to contact this restaurant and give them a piece of my mind. Thank you for bringing light to this.

fart bomb

cowards, plain and simple. TO THE EMAILMOBILE!



Yeah they'll be getting an earful from me, too.


unacceptable, in deed! they will be hearing from me.

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