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May 14, 2012


J.R. Locke

That's actually very funny.


Please tell me he did not actually say because he, HE put too much ketchup on the plate. I have heard similar to the "I didn't realize it had x,y, or z on it, therefore...." but too much ketchup? Seriously?

I hope he was happy with his burger at another place. I know you weren't sad to see the door hit him in the a** on the way out.

I love Anne's comment - and God is right about the manager BS. sigh Hope you got a tip at least, but I feel it is doubtful. Sorry.

Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom didn't have crack in it.


Who is Bobby Brown?? ;-)

Adam B

Ah, the Rotisserie Club. Whenever I got it sent back it was because illegal immigrants in the kitchen didn't know which parts of the chicken are considered edible by americans...


That doesn't look like your restaurant. That looks like a Chili's plate and a California Club, albeit presented on an eleven inch round instead of a rectangular plate, per spec. If he did this at a Chili's, he probably didn't pay for SHIT and the manager shook his hand and thanked him for his patronage on the way out.


Did he pay for it and did he most importantly tip you??


Seems like he was just humping around. No? Sorry, I got nothing.


It's his perogative to be a douche I guess.


He's a douche. What a shock. Next.

Charlie P.

I think the entire exchange would make a great SNL sketch!

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