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May 03, 2012


Jeff Penney

I love how sinical serving staff are, I've been
Doing this shit 9 nine years, and this guy is
Spot on! gets me through my day, you are

Bitter Waiter

D Harvey - I doubt strongly anyone has ever pleaded for your patronage. Your punctuation, on the other hand...

D. Harvey

Hey dumbass tips aren't mandatory take a poll put it to Joe restaurant owner say I could come in and eat but I don't have money for the tip do you still want me to come in what do you think he'll say face it your tips don't pay his bills


You are awesome!


I absolutely love your blog. I used to work at a Red Lobsters in Brooklyn, NY many years ago. That experience changed me and whenever I go out I always make sure to leave a good tip. You are the shit!!!!


you sure do take alot of delight in other peoples misery, kinda messed up.


You should've been on more than that other guy -- he has nothing on you. Plus you're way hotter.


I loved the "I heard that" column, very fun!


I think I know exactly who you're talking about. Always orders the dry cesar salad and the kid gets the nachos and eats none of them?

Naughty Waitress

I once had a similar type mom actually SAY to an ugly friend that the sole reason they dined together was so the ugly friend would pay!!! Some people!


Melons in a produce stand! LOLing!!

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