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May 31, 2012



At least it was a good tip!


I think it says "do math."

fart bomb

and signed with an X. classic.


I just cannot take the stupidity of people anymore. Too high to math? I didn't realize math is now a verb. "To err is human; to math is to math is to try to figger out dem ders multiplicaty thingies". Lawd have mercy! I was accused the other night of not knowing how to math properly. After a long shift, a crzy UFC night at good ole bdubs, my last table was presented with their check. I was questioned by the misses as to why there were 6 jack and cokes on their because: "Every time I ordered a drink, my husband did too and we were going drink for drink". Yes..true. What she failed to realize was that hubby was going double or nothin' on her and they even commented about it because wifey stated "She had to drive". Anyhow, I should've gotten the manager but at that point I was coming down with a nasty bug and didn't really care either way if she believed me or not. Strangely enough, though the misses wrote "overcharged-will not be back" on the signature line of the credit card slip, she also tipped me a nice $15.00. I guess she wasn't too upset! Can I just add here without being too long winded in this post, that I cannot change prices in the computer! I ring in what customers ask for. I don't have control over prices. I wish people would get that through their thick domes!

Adam B

Does "high" refer to the numbers or the amount of meth in their heads?


What does that say, "too high to math?"

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