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May 09, 2012


J.R. Locke

Do you think Joey T's epiphany might cause him to experience a course direction and indulge in a "fruity drink" ?

Jerrod Perez

Seriously? Don't they have better things to do like work on their tans or get their "gym" on. LOL


You kill me. I'm dead here at my keyboard, which is fine because it's precisely an hour and 45 minutes until my shift whoring wings and water to the teenage boys at BWWs. (for mere pennies) Sigh..


Ah, "bros" least favourite group of people, ever. Seat me instead next to a clan of the newly-to-port unwashed.

Naughty Waitress

Love the way you describe how he motioned at you while trying to hint to his friend. I love when people do that. Idiots.


Boys are stupid!


He asked for money back? If a customer did that to me I'd be like IDK what you're talking about DUDE. Haha what a douche.


I. Die....

"Right. You're just five muscle-bound guys with freakish tans and freshly shaved chests wearing colorful wife beaters and ironic RVCA hats that match your chartreuse sneakers. The only thing that would make your table gayer is if Michele Bachmann's husband sat down and blessed your food."

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