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January 06, 2012



Ive seen Miss Roberts in action in real life and I believe what you've written here.

not a fan of that horse faced witch.

Adam Hawthorne

Ooh, ooh, OOOOOOOOH!! Tell me it's JS! Tell me it's JS!!


Please let it be Sean Penn. Please let it be Sean Penn. Please let it (don't interrupt me, I'm praying) ....


Gwyneth came into my restaurant in NY, total bitch, sent everything back. Maybe you're a lot cuter than I am.


I love how you know which ones were negative and which were positive before reading, just based on how ugly of a picture you dredged up for them


My husband just said, "Give this man a TV show. Give him a book deal. He's so good."

I was happy that I guessed which one of these people would be a-holes and which would be nice human beings.


This made my day. Can't wait for Part 3.

And it's inspiring me to contemplate writing something similar about my days of doing press junkets...


I've had to wait on a few of these people, too, and the only one I'll disagree with is Julia Roberts. She was polite, cool, and tipped well. Maybe you caught her on a bad night??

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