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December 13, 2011


drama queen rehab reject

I have to say that your blog has made my boyfriend and myself laugh endlessly. I am so loving this particular one,"shit on the sun" gets me everytime. I wish you success in your life,thank you for always making me laugh.


You forgot to mention that elderly people seem to get their tipping habits from the 1950's. I work at a diner mind you but it doesn't matter wether the bill is $10 or $60.. a 2 dollar tip is all you can hope to expect.


Great post!! It is now my nominee for your Best Post of the Year.


This post's most unforgettable highlights:

"the McJohnsons from Ft. Jesus, Texas"


"the random homeless man who screams "Shit on the sun" outside my bedroom window each morning"


"but I love Ellen, Portia and Justin Bieber"


"But the Hilary Duff version should only be played in Hitler's chamber in Hell"

Toad325 had it--this one's brilliant, BW!


You had me at, "no more armenians"! :)


Four words: "Michael Buble, Santa Buddy."

I'm sorry in advance.


Excellent list... you little Scrooge!


I second your Christmas list, and I'm not even a waiter!


Best. Post. Yet. That was brilliant.

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