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December 29, 2011



Wrong type of alcohol; Isopropyl will kill you, its rubbing alcohol and used in things like perfumes. Drinking alcohol is ethanol.


Christina, talentless? Last time I checked she wasn't attempting to get attention by writing a blog about others.

And someone asked your name? Hmm. I thought a waiter was suppose to give their name to begin with. Manners. Ettiqutte. Go figure that you lack both.


I second Chris's comment--he is absolutely right; that is the Sentence of the Year.

I also loved how you used awkward-looking pix of your least favourites, and flattering photos of the ones you like. Nice touch, BW!


You're the third person to tell me how lovely Jennifer Garner is. I guess I'll have to start believing it. Reluctantly.


OOOHHH! Keep the scoop coming! I like these a lot, and I've always said that the best way to judge a man is not how he treats his mother, but how he treats waitstaff. (Mothers are important too)


Might be my favorite post yet! Happy New Year!


If you took a dozen monkeys, gave them each a hit of acid, dressed them in medieval clothing and threw them a collective birthday party at a Mexican restaurant, that sight would still appear more lucid than waiting on David Hasselhoff.

Good Lord I adore you.


I've heard Kristen Bell is very sweet, I'm glad Bitter Waiter likes her, too!


Ummmmm X-Tina is not talentless...blasphemy!

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