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August 29, 2011


Call Center Chick

Your breath smells like you've been eating from the devil's asshole


You kill me.

Marissa J

"I'm more important than you are" is my personal favorite :)


Have to say, I wish you posted more. You are the funniest blogger I follow.


::Applause applause::


Dearest Bitter Waiter,

This is unquestionably your best post ever. (And I would know...I've read every single one.)

Yours in years-long admiration,

Corina 1.0

OMG! You have outdoine yourself Bitter! Thank you so much for the laughs I needed after my day!

Georgie G

Wipe his ass with your erratic contentment?? You are vulgar. But that is a very humorous, well-composed sentiment :)

Naughty Waitress

I think you should speak ONLY in "what you mean"s, they're hilarious!


"Your breath smells like you've been eating from the devil's asshole." Not a pretty picture! I KNOW you may have said these things out loud! HA!

Sweaty Noel

My Food-A-Rac-A-Cycle would consist solely of cocktail choices...


Speaking of, have you ever waited on Katherine Heigl??

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