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August 24, 2011



For anyone looking for a way out of covering a coworker's shift because it's their birthday, use this line, contriving to sound as hurt as possible "You mean I'm not invited?"


oh oklahoma. i work in dallas, but we get our fair share of that trash during the texas vs ou game weekend. first complaint i've ever had actually sent to corporate, even though everything was great, they were NOT thrilled about the 18% auto grat they got for being a group of eleven inbred assholes. they also asked for a to-go sweet tea, which they proceeded to puncture and dump all over the table. lovely bunch. i got tricked into working that night, by a coworker, guilted me about it being her birthday or some shit. never again.

Worth Cadenhead

If this is how you truly operate, I want to spend an evening just drinking at a table and watching you go. I'd probably even be willing to make up for all the tips you got stiffed on just to pay for my entertainment. People where I work think I'm a smartass, but I salute you, sir!!


Wow, that is a crazy and shitty coincidence.

Naughty Waitress

They sho is rude in Oklahoma!!!


What a small, weird world.

I inadvertently waited on my ex's second cousin in New York...And my ex's family is from Arizona!!

Sweaty Noel

The only selling point I can see about working at your current restaurant is that management is so careless and clueless that they couldn't give a rat's ass about whether or not the customer is "right"--YAY!!


I love "ray-er." Love!


Anyone we know???

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