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February 07, 2011



So, I was just introduced to your blog today, and after reading this post, I think we work in the same restaurant. We have that salad (also in tilapia and salmon), and even though it's listed on the salad portion of the menu, you'd be surprised how often people ask where the "tostada" postion comes in. Seriously? If you read the actual description, you would get it.


I'll bet that fared well for your tip.


Nice - Bazinga!


Don't highfalut with me fellas! This ain't my first time at the menu.

jeremy insley

HAHAHAHA... i've always wondered the correct spelling of highfalutin.


Honestly, the things you get away with saying. But I am sure it's said with that shit-eating grin for which many people love you ;)


Oh, Chase! To watch you in action is priceless!


You did NOT! Your balls are equal to the sun in size, and I'm sure just as bright and fiery. And life giving.

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