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February 23, 2011


Bitter Waiter

@Andy - I certainly do not view this as the behavior of every black person. Just as when I blog about gays, Persians, Asians, Christians, the elderly, teenagers, etc., I do not ever assume that every single constiuent of an ethnicity or lifestyle all behave in the same manner. But these idiosyncracies -- of ALL the aforementioned, not just black women -- ARE repeated with some frequency. And I say this after waiting tables in three different states over the course of 10 years.

And...I hope you find the tone of love in my ode.


please don't think this is how all black people are as most people who write something about black people that is negative lump everyone of them together.

Ally Ayers

Love it! Hilarious!


I love this! I couldn't help but laugh at how true the poem and post were. Keep up the good work!


Mmmm a banana margarita sounds good actually!


Two of your last three entries have been poetry. Be long-winded and funny again.


I admit a craving now for fried shrimp and lemonade. As an uppity white man.


Uplifting and moving in a somewhat disturbing way.


i heard that shakespeare was also part black woman.


I will settle for poor tips in exchange for happy, sassy attitudes any day. Well, except for maybe rent day...


"Bring more lemonade"

BWHAHAHAHA!!! Best. Poem. Ever.


This is HORRIBLE and I love it!!! PLEASE tell me you'll do one for the other stereotypes as well. I mean that in all honesty. LOVE this!!!

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