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November 12, 2010


Maggie Montgomery

OMG…. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! It’s almost 3AM and I can’t stop reading this…It’s so hard not to laugh out loud and try to silence the snorts, I don’t want to wake my husband but, you’re killing me.

2012 Timberland

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.




HA! What a doucher. Hopefully he gets a kick out of reading this account of his ass-hattery from your point of view, at least.


I am so going to look you up when I am in LA!!! But I will be your most darling and best tipping customer,Chase!

I loved what you did to their card hahaha


That is awesome. The credit card things is pure genius.


Maybe you could just quit during their table if a next group comes.


Sorry my phone junks up my writing with weird autocorrect words! And maybe some of it's my fault since I was up all night writing a budget proposal...xoxo


I want a hidden camera on you and your tables! I'd only people didn't go in there to hide in the dark with the person they are cheating with or to booze themselves into a comma, it WOULD be an amazing reality show!!!

I love you Chase! I miss you! You are a brilliant writer! Maybe you could writer Babe! I think it is unacceptable to allow your employees to be harrased by their should be allowed the supervisory duty of comping, moving tables and refunds...I think you know by now why is okay and bag isn't. An 18 year old at Nordstrom on their first day has that right for goss sakes! And it doesn't cause more theft, it actually makes people take ownership in the place they work!

You are amazing and these people should be black listed...and their photos and card numbers should be placed on the bathroom wall! Hhshahshsh


BRAVO! You are a server after my own cold, stone heart!!


Lame, lame, lame. Can you imagine the conversation these people had before they showed up at your restaurant:

A: "Oh my gosh, you know what would, like, be totally, like, HILARIOUS? If we went this guy's restaurant and then, like, totally did all of the annoying things he talks about in his blog."

B: "Oh my gosh, that is SO funny!!! Yeah, we could, like, totally go and be horrible people and, like, pronounce everything wrong and be, like, totally obnoxious...!"

A: "Oh my gosh, it would be so killer. We should totally do it. Can you imagine if we, like, got mentioned on his blog? I would be so stoked!"]

B: "Oh my gosh, being mentioned on his blog would be, like, totally AWESOME."

So lame. Do people seriously not have anything better to do with their time?


"I looked at his lady friend, an uncanny dead ringer for both Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman."

God, I love you.

P.S. If I ever send anyone your way, their only instructions are to tip the handsome gentleman well or answer to Rainbow.


Well played, Bitter Waiter, well played...

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