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July 27, 2010


Dani Marten

Cheers, comrade! You speak quite eloquently for us all! :)


Yeah, well, I've hunted bears! And believe me the bears aren't thankful at all! Ungrateful bastards! Neither are the people who buy the bear skins! Fuckers! I've waited tables and that's got jack on being a bear hunter, I should know since I've done both! Sorry. I, much like the previous poster, just couldn't help but attempt to relate to you while informing you of how much worse off *I* am... Oh, and I'm looking forward to the new changes, whatever they are.


Maybe you should add "ugly people" to that list. x


So would you say you are genuinely a misanthrope?

I have never been jazzed about people but it is more to do with base human nature,which I think is shit.

I have worked aqs a waitress so know what you mean,but I have also worked as a nurse which is a far more thankless and degrading profession.

I could slip a hypodermic needle into someone with such skill no one couldn't feel it. Because I was sensitive to how many people fear needles[as I did not like them]...but when they were assholes I was more heavy handed. :)

And when they'd cry out at the jab, I'd smile sweetly and say, 'Oh sorry. Did that hurt?'

Sometimes, people just need a lil' jab.

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