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May 25, 2010



thanks for the response, bw.

Bitter Waiter

At no point in this entry do I use that word. "**n*" might be what you're referring to, which begins with "c" and ends with "t" and is only four letters, not enough to make up the word use of which you accuse.


I work in retail and I have no patience for rude, obnoxious entitled asswholes
.but did you really use the n word in this blog entry?

Jaded in ATL

The entitlement cannot be worse anywhere on the planet than it is in Atlanta. I often dream of moving west to get away from the pervasive ignorance of the deep, dirty south. I am disheartened to learn that it can't be escaped. God help us all. Your blogs are fucking hilarious! You missed your calling as a comedian for sure. Your humor is 100% on point. Thanks for this blog!

The Bartender

A. Chardonnay was probably referring to Fiesta Cantina or Cabo Cantina.

B. If Ebony and Chardonnay are trannies, I think I waited on them last night.


This one is kinda unreasonable, don't you think? Sure they were rude, but you were just as rude before they had even done anything. I'm kinda surprised you still have your job, given how many times the manager is called over to be complained to about you.


This is one of the best things I've read on the internet in AGES regarding entitlement. I'm sick to fucking death of this (I just had 2 "entitled" motherfuckers in my section last night), so this really hit home when I read it. I take it you live in Cali - come to NC and see how much WORSE it is!!!


BAH! I CANNOT stand crazy bitches like that. sigh. YOU owe them nothing. ( and I appreciate getting a break and a smile as I read the stories. )


You, we, do not owe them anything. Entitlement the scourge of our days.

Jessica Orso

Total appreciation. I love the blog even though I know it comes from people being horrible to you. I love it because I've been there. It's funny because I've been there. You'll be glad you documented it. I wish I had documented more of my "incidents."



Marni Sigmon

Oh, no they ditn't...LOL

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