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May 12, 2010



ZOMG!!11!1! You called it an onion blossom. You should be drawn and quartered you evil person you. People who don't get their facts exactly straight go to hell, the ninth circle. It's a known fact. It's reserved for people who commit treachery against their fellow man or God, and of course those who cannot properly quote Chili's menus. Saw a guy last week, he referred to one of their margarita's by the wrong name- next thing you know he's being used as chewing gum by old Beezlebub for the rest of eternity. Sad.

Bitter Waiter

Years ago Chili's carried the Awesome Blossom, their own equivalent of an onion blossom. Perhaps somewhere in the semantics there was error, but my facts were straight.


if you're gonna be sarcastic, at least get your facts straight. Chili's does not have an onion blossom. that's outback. and I'm aware that it's kinda sad that I know that. however, after serving for 10 years, I know quite a bit about other restaurants, whether I want to or not. Oh, and I think it sucks that you have to pay when someone skips out on the bill.


Let Rowdy Roddy know that the Entitlement Entree comes with a side of STFU and bus boy pubes.


Hey Waiter-
I really really love your blog. Can't wait for updates. Have you written in any other context? (book, magazines, etc.?)


It sucks when restaurants run out of food/drinks but what can you really do.To me, it means that the food was really good that everyone just had to run out and have it and that the restaurant is doing something right. It may get annoying sometimes but if someplace never ran out of a certain food/drink, I would never get the opportunity to try another menu item. I always end up getting the same thing every time.

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