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April 22, 2010



This might be my favorite post of yours ever. "Supper will be ready in the attic momentarily." "I just noticed my keyboard doesn't even have a button for the cents sign, that's how useless 50 cents are to me." God, I love you.

I also love LJLundberg, if that's his/her real name, because that comment made me spit out my free-trade, carbon-footprint-reducing Diet Pepsi.


Best post! Literally had me LOL


cat ladies are all the same. ALLTHESAME.


And she forgot to say "It's official, I can't have children."


"...or tell me about Macbeth while stirring a pot."

That's the best Shakespearean reference I've seen all week, this side of the LRSRS.

Oh, dear friend of mine, I love your humour.

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