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January 13, 2010



oh my... i remember that night.... a party of 20 or more people and the bill was only $103. with out the other food added on, big spenders.


You must have the patience of a Saint. I would have impaled that girl with a salad fork...


This reminds me of that video on youtube "Why da F+++ I Gotta Tip?" because those people sound like they're probably related to this horrible woman in the video.


I want to be in on your birthday celebration, if not just to carry the wounded home.


Of course, why should they pay for the service fee? They got free food and dessert.

A couple of weeks ago I brought the bill to a table ($37.65). He gave me $40 and asked for the change. I looked at him and point blank asked "you want $2.35 back!?". If he was going to leave me that, I had no problem calling out his cheap a$$ in front of his friends. I was allowed to keep the change and he left and additional $3 on the table. Thanks.

People who don't wait tables truly have no clue what all we have to put up with. It makes you hate the human race.


I shall worship any food server I ever have from now on.

How do you not whip out an Uzi with these cretins?

Jennifer Prilliman

I do not miss waiting tables. I am sorry your misery brings me so much joy and laughter. Hopefully it will make you millions one day when you get an insanely profitbale t.v., book, or movie deal.

Marni Sigmon

I laughed out loud repeatedly when I read your response to how you celebrate your birthday. I was not able to explain to Jack, who wanted to read the Bitter Waiter at the age of 7, why something written by his uncle was inappropriate!


Seriously. Ugh.

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