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November 12, 2009



GOOD !!! Maybe NOW, hopefully, your DAMN "ANTICS" will be exposed and YOU'LL be FIRED as well you DAMN DESERVE to be, considering your attitude towards people !!!!


Oh my! We have cameras too for that very reason. And if it's a slow day at the bar... and we're "standing around for too long" .. the owner will call the bar and tell us something to clean. It's ridiculous. Although he did catch two bartenders giving away free drinks on the camera.. and they were fired!


oh jees. I once worked as a server at a horrible 50's style diner. They installed cameras that could also be viewed at home. It was so embarrassing when I was called into the office to view a tape of me and some other coworkers being general jackasses. (The store was closed for cleaning and I was not going to bust my butt cleaning for a few bucks an hour.) Still, how creepy and weird that my managers and yours spend their off time watching the cameras?!!


Something to make you more bitter. Awesome!
If you ever want to go out with a bang, you could stir someone's drink with your penis. Cocktail indeed!


We have cameras in 12 different areas in my restaurant.

Oh, another item of interest- here come the holidays, meaning large parties. The owner decided that adding the automatic 15% to parties of 8 or more is just too offensive and uncomfortable to the person paying, so we no longer have it. BUT, it's still written all over the menu so naturally they will think we added it. Yesterday after my party of 12, I told them flat out, "there is no gratuity added any longer to large parties, but you should know we are paid only $2/hour." Yes, I really did say that.


Yikes, that's just wrong.


I would refuse to work under such survellience.
This while country is like this. We have the most security cameras than any other country on the whole planet.


Ha we have those at hooters too! I feel like I'm in a casino.


I should you and co-workers should now pass notes and read then in plain view of the cameras and then share big inside-joke laughter about them. That will show the owners!


Good Christ on a cross. This reminds me of my friend Tiffany, who had a summer job at a carpet wholesaler. The job sucked -- it was interminably boring, paid poorly and her co-workers were weird. One day, the owner called her into his office and showed her a video taken by a security camera she didn't know existed. It was an hour of her carrying a roll of carpet back and forth across the store so she looked busy.

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