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August 27, 2009



I love the line "I don't know that correlates into your ability. . . ." HA

And I bet that was ALL the money poor Brett had. I bet he would've tipped you more if he could.


I liked the line above, but also "A 1991 Geo Metro?"
Shazam! Have I told you lately that I love you...


I laughed out loud louder and longer than TMurder btw!

I did not read the other comments before I posted my own,but can now see we all laughed over/quoted same line.

Your admirers have one brain between them.
We're worse than your customers!

Can I have a free taco btw?


You are the master storyteller!

Loved the line...'....a leering gay, a gorgeous stud and Brett.'Priceless.


One of your best ever, I laughed out loud to "A leering gay, a gorgeous stud, and Brett." Good stuff man


A leering gay, a gorgeous stud, and Brett.

best line! :)

also, i hate the "do you know who i am?!!!!!!!!!!!" line. ugh. please sir, spare me. i really dont care who you are. pay up.

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