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June 30, 2009



You had me at "allegedly"


As a life-long introvert, I am always taken aback by people who are loud and obnoxious in public. They either have a serious lack of self control or they think they are way better, cuter, smarter (etc.) than they really are.


oh lord. i would not have been able to handle that! one more screech and i probably would have dumped the tequila on her head.


OMG, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I blame American Idol with making pre-teen girls think it's OK to sing in public. It's not. I swear, if I get stuck on a train with a girl showing off her singing "abilities" to her obviously uninterested friends again, I might have to cut a bitch.


"Dirty gypsies, all of them." I am usurping this expression and using it CONSTANTLY from now on.

I am still cracking up at the thought of you rifling through Oriental Trading Co. tip. "Oh look, a plastic glow-in-the-dark whistle with the Lord's Prayer written inside!"

Somewhat off-topic: I know it's totally un-PC to say, but whenever I watch footage of Middle Eastern women mourning at a funeral, it freaks me the fuck out. They call it "ululating," which just makes it all the worse. It just doesn't seem...natural. Like your first response to tragedy is to howl like a cat being neutered without anesthesia.

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