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June 10, 2008



This goat cheese thing comes up frequently and I can imagine how insane it makes you. What I want to know is - the word cheese is in the phrase goat cheese. It's not like it is called anything else, like say goat by product or goat milk that's been aged.

What are they missing?

And I can only imagine how insufferable this table was. I hope that most of your customers don't make it to this blog.

Geoff Holder

People who end their sentences in "Bro" should be turned forced to lick clean peep show both floors.


Um, this smoothie is too creamy. Ugh! Now it's too thick.

Bitter Waiter

The goat cheese burrito (aka "The Americano") is one of the better options on the menu.

I actually thought of you & LA yesterday when I drove by that Chinese restaurant where we ate about four years ago. We'll avoid that place next time.


That whole cheese incident infuriates me, how mind-bogglingly stupid. I would be more than happy to escort you on your revenge trip to Miyagi's. We'll order a rainbow roll without any vegetables, then wonder where the cucumber is. Everybody knows that "vegetables" doesn't include cucumbers. You shoulda asked. Bro.


You have a burrito with goat cheese? That sounds awesome, BRO! I'm totally coming to eat at your restaurant. I'll moderate my water intake and leave you a 50-percent tip. :-)

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