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April 06, 2008



OK Chase, this one came at a great time. Both my co-worker Merrie and I got some stellar restroom questions this past weekend.

Mine: Do you have a ladies room? Uh, nope. We have a men's room, and a room for trannies but none for ladies. Or if we have one I'm not gonna tell you, go find it on your own. How about asking where is the ladies room you stupid terrorist? Go back to Canadia and forget to tip at home.

Merrie: Do you have indoor plumbing? And this was her response - tip be damned - "I think that is an intensely personal question but it was removed several years ago." Of course it took the redneck dumbasses a couple of moments to get the joke seeing as how when offered condiments they are thinking pharmeceuticals... natch.

Have a good week in the profession we call kissing ass for money!

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