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March 16, 2016


Victoria Haneveer

That whole story is hilarious, I love it!

DoMonique Cagle

Rat blankets lol.


Quite a shocking story! And sad, too. Good lord.


I know these people. They reek of stale smoke from Winston's and use their plates as ashtrays at home. If you were to visit their home, the bathroom sink would be stained with tar from cigarettes left to burn while they showered. They are the people of Wal Mart, and think WWF is for real. Ugh.


I always ordered a suicide at the skating rink! I completely forgot about this drink! And I would have had to retry it too!
Ugh, they probably live on their boat. I used to work at a restaurant in a Southern California harbor. Harbor rats are awful. I completely forgot about them too. :(

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