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February 12, 2016


Adam Berk

And now from the bartender:

1) I don't really like the taste of alcohol. What kind of Scotch would you recommend?

2) Could you make me your chocolate raspberry truffle martini, but like, skinny?

3) Could you serve me my apple martini in a less faggy glass?

4) What's the difference between Irish whiskey and Canadian whiskey?

5) Could I have a Johnny Walker Blue and coke?


I worked in a bookstore, and the questions we would get were:

1) "I saw a book on TV a couple months ago and I forgot the title, but the cover is pink; where do you keep your pink books?"

2) "Where do you keep your baubles?"

3) "How long would it take you to order a Guttenberg bible and send it to my grandson at College?"

4) "Why are there so many Jewish people in here?" (could it be becuase this is a predominantly Jewish neighborhood?)

5) "What do you read when you go home?" Imside my head: Lady there are over 25,000 quare feet of books in here, what makes you think I want to look at a book when I leave here?"

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