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July 23, 2014



That - without a doubt - is the ugliest business card I've ever laid eyes on (and I used to work retail where part of my job was ordering custom stationery). I didn't know anybody made cards that hideous.

Pea Green

Oh god!! I am picturing a cross between Danny Bonaduce, as he was in Partridge Family, and the boy from Spy Kids giving his interpretation of "acting" to a class of ewoks and oompa loompas. *cackle*


Oh god. The "too fishy" thing ... I've heard it too. I also had someone send a ham sandwich back for being too "hammy." Where do these people come from?


I was laughing with gleeful anticipation as soon as I got to "(and computer) screen". And by the time you got around to talking about licking each fish, I was laughing so hard that I literally had to take a break from reading for about two minutes. Followed by the mind-blowing

I love you so much. DAMN, you are just the best.


Wow, the next time Dane is in the restaurant you should really give him my name and telephone number. He may "know" Hollywood, but he doesn't know good graphic design—his postcard looks like shit.


"And to drink?" I asked.

This made me laugh out loud because I can just picture you, miss thing, standing there and letting him know you don't give a flip!!!


I think I know who you're talking about. Reddish crazy hair, kinda psycho look in his eye? Yeah he's a piece of work

Gale J

I spit out my coffee @ fist-fucking idiot!


Love it!!

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